White asparagus: classic and refined, yet also easy and surprising

White asparagus are young shoots of the asparagus plant. They have straight, fleshy stems with a white colour. A proper white asparagus has a firm top. White asparagus have a mild flavour as well as a refined texture. On the field, the white asparagus are covered with sand to prevent the entry of sunlight. That is the reason the asparagus keep their white colour. The white asparagus must be cut at the exact right moment, because as soon as the tip comes above ground, there is a risk of discolouration.

Green asparagus: versatile and full flavour

Green asparagus are the over ground young shoots of the asparagus plant. It is the straight fleshy stems that have a light-green colour. The tip of the green asparagus stem is generally firm and unopened. Of all the varieties the green asparagus has the best flavour, which is why their use is versatile. Another advantage of green asparagus, in comparison with other asparagus, is that they don’t require peeling.

Superior Queens: our veg gem

Especially for customers who won’t settle for anything but the best, there is the Teboza Superior Queen asparagus. Top-quality asparagus; absolutely daily fresh with a pure, authentic flavour.

The Superior Queen is an asparagus that exceeds all expectations. Always, with no exception, because this one is cultivated in a traditional and sustainable way, without the use of fertiliser, pesticides or livestock manure. Respect for and appreciation of nature are highly valued!

That is not the only reason though why the Superior Queen is a remarkable asparagus. The sublime flavour is also owed to the Limburg’s sandy soil. And obviously their freshness is optimal: we guarantee that the asparagus will be delivered within 12 hours after harvesting. Peeled or unpeeled, as you wish.

Real Limburg asparagus: Teboza, Limburg and asparagus, they belong together

The best asparagus come from Limburg. Because ‘the Queen of Vegetables’ is cultivated in Limburg, the warmest region in The Netherlands, where it grows its roots into airy, permeable sandy soils. As a consequence you get the tastiest asparagus in The Netherlands, the genuine, pure asparagus flavour and very tender!

Taste our Limburg asparagus and you will taste our love for the Limburg way of life. Not only are they delicious, but also versatile and easy to prepare. Ready in no time for everyone to enjoy, young and old alike.

Limburg is the birthplace and the one knowledge region when it comes to asparagus. We continuously work on new insights and technologies. This is why often our asparagus are available even sooner than during the traditional asparagus months April, May and June. Limburg does not only provide the tastiest asparagus, also the plants, new varieties and cultivation methods make this region a leader in the world of asparagus.

Sustainable asparagus: taste nature

Teboza set itself the objective of growing in sustainable ways and thus contribute to a significant increase of organic asparagus that deserve an ecolabel.

Organic asparagus

Teboza was one of the first asparagus producers in The Netherlands to produce organic asparagus. Meanwhile organic asparagus have become a fixed part of our assortment.

PlanetProof asparagus

The environment is an important point of attention at Teboza. The quality mark 'PlanetProof' stands for production during which few pesticides and fertilisers are used, while efficient use is made of water and energy. PlanetProof follows a broad approach to the sustainability of products and services. For that reason attention is given to biodiversity, nature and landscape as well as employment conditions.

Any possible (customer-specific) sorting

The proper amount, a sorting of asparagus adapted to the consumer and obviously freshness, that is what our customers prefer. Teboza is aware of this and therefore always delivers asparagus in accordance with the desired specifications. So, made to measure!

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